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How to select which version of a PWAD to run in main games?

I like to run the older versions of games as well as the most recent, as well as having wads with demos etc. that are designed for specific versions. The game does recognize that I HAVE multiple variants of a pwad available, but it seems to simply randomly choose which one it wants to use when I launch the engine. Is there a way for me to select WHICH data file I use, for example for Doom Registered I have 1.1, 1.2, 1.666, 1.8, 1.9. How do I select 1.666 when I want to run an older wad for closer compatability, or 1.1 if I want to see the various changes made to the maps?


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    You can select a specific IWAD if you create a custom game profile in the game library:

    Note that Doomsday does not emulate the original games with 100% accuracy. For example, demos are not supported.
  • That's great for custom games but why can't I select WHICH wad to use on the main game? Why does it have to choose one at random? Surely there should be a way to get this to work.
  • why can't I select WHICH wad to use on the main game?
    Not sure what you mean by "main game". Perhaps you mean the built-in game profiles that come with Doomsday? These have been configured to use the latest version of the IWAD available.

    Custom game profiles are no different to the built-in ones, except they allow you to pick extra settings like the exact version of the IWAD.
    Why does it have to choose one at random?
    By "random", do you mean it literally picks a different one every time you launch? Did you verify this from the logs, for example? If so, that is certainly a bug. It should pick the most recent version of the IWAD(s).
  • By random I mean it literally picks a different wad every time I launch.
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