Can it be compiled on Pi4

i have looked around on the forum and seen a few ways of compiling this engine in Linux. so i decided to see if maybe i could get it working on my Pi4.

so far no luck on my end but before i post a whole bunch of errors and what not.

i might as well as ask if it might be able to be done to start with as i dont want to waste anyone's time here with something that cant be done


  • The latest versions of Doomsday require OpenGL 3.3, which is not supported on Raspberry Pi.

    Based on a quick search the Pi 4 might support OpenGL 2.1, which means that theoretically one could compile Doomsday version 2.0.3 or earlier.

    If you're just looking for a dedicated server without the GUI parts, it is possible to compile everything on earlier Pi's too. There is a CMake build config option for this.

    I'm working on adding OpenGL ES support so it would work out of the box on the Pi, but that hasn't been progressing much recently...
  • thank you so much for that. i was trying version 2.1.1.
    so close lol.

    it will be cool when you get OpenGL ES working. if it pans out that is.

    till then i will be happy with using 2.0.3. not that i need another port for doom. i just like trying all the different ones out there. :)
  • so im messing with seeing if i can get this to run on my Pi4.
    i have all the correct depnds installed, (that i can find)

    is seems to start working but then stops at 35%. but i dont see any thing telling me what the error is.

    [ 35%] Linking CXX shared library
    [ 35%] Built target libdoomsday
    make: *** [Makefile:152: all] Error 2

    if you can point me to where it might tell me i will gladly post all the info i can find. it it will help.

    if not i dont want to waste anyones time. messing with something that will not work from the start
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