How do I map for this engine?

Gzdoom already has all the modding love it can ask for. I really have no idea how to build maps exclusively for DE at all, I somewhat can write ded's for mapinfo. I know next to nothing how to map for this port, I need help to get started


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    The right frame of mind for Doomsday modding is to assume a vanilla feature set, and then consider the following Doomsday-specific features:
    • light decorations: attach dynamic light sources to textures, etc. (via DED)
    • particle generators: attach particle effects to objects, sectors, etc. (via DED)
    • various high-resolution image/audio and 3D assets; one can replace most graphics used in the game with external resources (via file system and/or DED)
    • Map Info customization for fog, skies, custom script triggers
    • briefing/debriefing screen animations can be defined via Finale DEDs
    • the XG system for customizing line and sector specials (via DED; tricky to use though, deprecated)
    • old-fashioned command scripting: executing console commands based on certain triggers such as thing states and map load
    • newfangled (2.3+) Doomsday Script for actual programming capabilities -- the scripting APIs are still limited but I'm adding more over time; you can basically request something and I'll add it
    The best documentation available for this stuff is in the Manual, under the "Modding" section in the sidebar.
  • Gzdoom Builder set for doom in doom format, build the map and add what I want to the map in slade3. If I wanted to have have a door open after slaying 7 cyber demons what would I need to do to get that to work? I need a example that can help me understand this better.
  • One could use XG to check if all the Cyber Demons on the map are dead.[]=mobj&s[]=gone

    Bare in mind that parts of XG are currently disabled due to an in progress rewrite.
  • Would it be better to wait to use XG until it is done? If not I can still practice writing DEDs for now until the rewrite is finished. I noticed there are commands in doomsdays console to edit maps in game!? Has anyone used them?
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    XG is Dday 1.x's old method of map editing and is slowly being replaced by Dday script.

    Parts of XG were disabled due to rewrites of other areas of Dday in Dday 2.x, but they haven't been re-enabled yet to my knowledge.

    It was once a plan for Dday to have it's own inbuilt map editor, but I don't know if that's still the case/plan and it didn't seem to progress much beyond editiing bias lighting in real time. Bias lighting itself was an experiment in 1.9x/2.x that was never considered publicly ready (i.e it has been disabled by default since it's introduction).
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