Having problems with Wrath of Cronos installation

Hello, I just found out about this mod for Hexen, called Wrath of Cronos: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=35846&sid=c0bc6ce690f1486c7e64b4e600b207a6. I'm sure many of you know it already.
I wanted to immediately start playing it, I just moved the file to the Hexen installation folder, but when I tried to start the game, I ran into this conflict: "Application terminated due to exception: (in BusyMode::performTask) Task failed: Uncaught exception from busy thread".
I'm trying it again but I'm having no luck. I tried running it on ZDoom and it works just fine, so I was wondering what is causing this issue.

Also as a side note, I'd like to start a run with a friend of mine. Do you have any suggestion on MP settings? On the ZDoom page the author says that "there is also Cooperative support so you can play alongside your friends. (Requires compat_clientssendfullbuttoninfo to be TRUE)". Could you explain that one too please?


  • It's probably a mod that requires ZDoom features Doomsday either doesn't have or does differently.
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