using wads in multiplayer servers [case-sensitive filenames]

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I'm trying to set up a dedicated server for playing AliensTC in coop, and I'm running into some difficulties loading any pwads for multiplayer servers. I'm using ubuntu locally as well as on the machine I want to keep as a dedicated server.

I can't seem to load pwads from the command line.

doomsday -game doom1-ultimate -file ~/wads/atcud20/atcud19.deh ~/wads/atcud20/alitcsf.wad ~/wads/atcud20/alitcsnd.wad ~/wads/atcud20/atclev.wad

just gives me a game of ultimate doom, with some extra warnings;

Unknown file "~/wads/atcud20/atcud19.deh" will not be loaded
Unknown file "~/wads/atcud20/alitcsf.wad" will not be loaded
Unknown file "~/wads/atcud20/alitcsnd.wad" will not be loaded
Unknown file "~/wads/atcud20/atclev.wad" will not be loaded
Loading game "Ultimate DOOM"...

I can still 'load' wadfiles from the console in the single player game, and alienstc works correctly when I apply the wads/dehacked patches through the launcher; doomsday can find my wads.

Attempting to use doomsday shell to start a server, adding a -file switch to additional options the wads won't load just as in the case with single player. Invooking doomsday-server on the command line has the same problem. To make matters worse however, using the console in doomsday shell to 'load' the wads as in single player gives more not-found errors:

No files found matching the name "~/wads/atcud20/atclev.wad"
'load' failed

Seems like a bug to me, would be very grateful if anyone can help me to make this thing work. Doomsday with alienstc, and doomsday dedicated servers seem A-ok, but I would very much like both.


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