JDRP which one ist the right one?

I found different versions of the jdrp Pack.
On the addons page the boxed version. And there ist a PK3 Version with fixes (jdrp101+11a+fixes.pk3).

I found some interesting differences.
  • In the PK3 version there are some lightmaps included which ilumminate several textures e.g. in Doom II M02 Underhalls (Red and Blue Key Doors, small lights in the Walls).
    They are not lid using the Box Version.
  • However the Box Version has Barrels with animanted toxic liquid....

So in my opinion the mixture of both would be best.
I'm not a modder, more "user".
Maybe some skilled modder can build a "best of", or most recent Version of JDRP and it should be linked in the addons page.

A appriciate your work and after using some other Port with some brutal mods, i fell in love with DEngine again.
The aesthetics with 3D mod1els are in this engine best. On the other side imho sprites look sometimes a bit odd.

Kind regards Phil
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