Flats are not being aligned as expected

So I noticed that Doomsday allows me to use textures and flats on any surface. I can paste wall textures on the floor and flats on walls, like in other engines. I have a level in progress where one of my textures is 128x128. When I put it on some floors, the alignment seems to change depending on the sector. Vanilla format obviously doesn't have floor/ceiling offsets, so is there some way to fix this on my end? Or is it something that just isn't properly supported?

You can see what I mean in the screenshot below. The bricks on the floor are aligned in the editor and if I load the level in other engines. But in Doomsday, the offsets seem to change on sector boundaries (there's some decorations on the ceiling above).

Happens both in 2.3 and the latest 3.0 source with the old renderer.


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