Clipboard Integration

Are there any plans to make it so that commands can be copied from and to the console? At the moment it's possible to do copy commands by opening the log but no way to then input them without typing them in which is inconvenient.


  • I added this to the tracker:

    Implementing this should be fairly simple. I targeted it for 3.0 but if a 2.3.1 patch gets made it could be included there.
  • Also actually the output from a command/script input from the console would be a good idea since the same applies there - have to go to the log to get that result so end up having to do a lot of window switching. I'm currently using notepad++ so it will at least detect the file update to the log when opened. As you say in the tracker item there's no selection capability so it is kind of an all or nothing thing so that would probably be less trivial to do.
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