Multiplayer Mod Usage

Trying to understand how to use textures/and models with a server.
Have done it before, but the latest version is unclear.


  • Most textures and 3D models are client-side assets, so each client can choose whether or not to use them. The exception here is 3D model packs that introduce new Thing States for animation purposes. Those should either not be used in multiplayer games, or everyone — including the server — must have them loaded.

    Here are instructions how to use resource packs as a client:

    The feature of using client-side resource packs is disabled by default because it cannot be guaranteed that any given pack works in a multiplayer game. You'll need to enable this first:

    ⚙️ > Network > Local Multiplayer Mods

    Right-click a server in the Multiplayer server list. A white popup appears showing the current map. Click on the "Local Mods..." button and select what you want to load when joining the game.

    If the game crashes after joining, the reason may be that the resource pack was indeed incompatible with the server.


    To load resource packs on the server, that needs to be done via command line options in the Shell when you start the new server.
  • Thanks Skyjake!

    I can load the mods locally, and they work - but if I connect to my local server, they do not load.

    I cannot get my head around the correct syntax I guess for loading the mods at the command line for the server. Also, where should the mods be located, and do I need to specify a path?
  • Wait, nevermind. I need to learn how to read- Apologies!
    As alsways, thank you!!!
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