Terrible sound quality

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I just installed Doomsday Engine on my new PC and there is a problem with the sound.
Music works fine but all other sounds sound like they are miles away from me.
When I am shooting there is a very faint sound somewhere in the background and when I blow something up like a barrel in DOOM I can only hear that sound loud when I am standing right next to the barrel, and if I turn away slightly the sound fades away immediately.

I tried different sound settings by changing the audio back-end for the SFX Plugin but they all sound the same.
No other games are having this problem

This is on windows 10 64bit with the latest stable release of Doomsday engine.
I tried both Heretic and Doom and they both have the same sound issue, only the music sounds normal.

I have included a doomsday file with info.
I also tried repairing and reinstalling Doomsday but that didn't change anything.


  • Not sure what the problem could be here. Have you tried disabling/enabling the "3D Effects & Reverb" setting?
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