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I would love to hear Skyjakes future plans for Dday?

I would love to hear Skyjakes future plans for Dday beyond the new renderer?

Over the last few years, alot of things have been mentioned and partially implemented, when plans then change?


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    The future remains nebulous as ever.

    When it comes to my commitment to Doomsday, due to other time pressures (and to keep context switch costs down) things have evolved into "stint mode", where I focus on Doomsday for a month or two and then switch to other things for a few months.

    This mode of operation allows putting out point releases with nontrivial new features, but larger architectural changes do get stretched out or delayed. Small bug fixes or sponsored features remain doable at any time thanks to the continuously running build infrastructure.

    As to the plans after the new renderer, in the latest blog post I mentioned game isolation and scripting as the other big things. These outline what I want to achieve with Doomsday going forward: elegance and maintainability through smaller & simpler code, and flexibility due to scripting. These are largely internal things, though — for the user-facing side, I plan to keep implementing feature requests as they become pertinent and/or sponsored.
  • Thanks for the info and update on Dday :)
  • How does sponsoring work?
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    Mishtal wrote: »
    How does sponsoring work?
    It's via PayPal donation:

    I recommend sending me a private message first to confirm if I'm able to work on a suggested topic/feature/tracker item, and then a donation can be made to support it. This ensures a better end result.

    Alternatively one can also make an ad hoc donation and just mention in the PayPal message what I should try to prioritize in the future. Then I'll make sure it gets taken into account when choosing what to work on.
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