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Trouble Installing a Heretic Mod

New Windows 10 machine (~couple weeks). Installed Doomsday Engine 2.2.2

Looks great, runs my games nicely, and I use a shortcut on the desktop to start the program. The Doomsday Engine (DE) opens nicely and I can choose the desired game. All that all works well.

I thought I'd try and install the mod for Heretic (

I saved it to my desktop, it's a "jhrp+psy-20100928.pk3.torrent" file

Problem #1, I don't really know what a "torrent" file is, so I don't know if the ".torrent" stays with the file or not. I've tried it with the extension and without and the result is the same.

I looked through the "guide" pages (e.g., and have looked through previous posts and really have not found anything that is working.

When this mod file is in any folder related to my DOOM files & folders the shortcut will not open the game's home page. Double-clicking it...brings up a small dialog box that I am unable to get a screenshot of due to Windows 10 apparently (I enabled the clipboard in windows 10 but it still will not capture this dialog box), but the box says "2.2.2 (stable Build 3313)" and then nothing at all happens after that. This happens with and without the ".torrent" extension. I followed the instructions I could find on this on the DE pages, but obviously something isn't right, or the game would open and I'd see how to install or load this file for use with Heretic.

I created a folder I called, "Mod Files" and moved it from place to place associated with all the DE and my DOOM files, but the shortcut doesn't open when that ".pk3.torrent" or ".pk3" file is placed in it. It doesn't matter if the file is in a folder or not (I only created it so it would be easy to find, or use for other mods).

If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated. thanks


  • .torrent files are just metadata that enables a BitTorrent client to download the actual files. These are used because the add-on files are large and hosting them as direct downloads may cause excessive bandwidth use on the website.

    Here's one BitTorrent client you could try:
  • I guess I didn't understand what was going on there with the pk3 file, but I think I 'get it' now, thanks, I learned something. The new DE 2.2.2 is brand new for me, even though I've been using DE for some years.

    The addons for Heretic are beautiful. The game plays great, so, thanks for the help skyjake....I appreciate it!
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