Doom nightmare tweaks (Heretic-like)

Is there any way to make Nightmare difficulty in Doom behave like in Heretic or Hexen (i.e. no monster respawn, but keep fast monsters and reduce ammo to 150% instead of 200 per pickup)? If not, would it be possible to implement such feature?


  • You can enable fast monsters in a custom game profile's settings, but I don't think there is a way to change the ammo amounts at the moment.
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    Hi @skyjake,

    I tried typing "game-monsters-fast 1" through the console playing on ultra-violence, but nothing happened

    Also changed the option "Fast monsters" to "yes" on the game settings, but the monsters kept behaving slowly

    I tried to reboot the game, and Doomsday GUI as well, but it didn't work =(

    I'm using the version 2.2.2

    Edit: I tried enabling fast monsters in a custom game profile, and it worked, but when I quit the game then enter again, the monsters are slow again =/ Maybe a bug?

    Any tip?
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