Can someone please help installing addons

I've searched these forum up and down and have no idea how to install addons. I did a google search and the only instructions I found involved putting the addons into the appdata folder for doomsday which I searched my system (I run windows 10) and it doesn't exist. Could someone please help and might I suggest posting instructions on here somewhere so noobs like me can find out how to do this? Thanks.


  • Hey nevermind I figured it out. You do it through the hud when you load the engine then choose a folder for it to associate then click play with. Still you guys should post instructions that was hard to figure out. Especially considering the old doomsday you had to add them to a specific snowberry folder.
  • Glad to hear you figured it out. How about this page in the Manual, though?
  • Would it be accurate to say mods == plug-ins == add-ons?
    That page was helpful for me as I did not realize .mod and .pk3 were both "mods". I was looking for a page about adding the .pk3 as an "add-on" as it's referenced that way on the main site in the top nav. I always though a .mod file was for maps and .pk3 was for weapons and other objects. That is not the case tho if I understand you correctly.
  • In Doomsday terminology, mods are the same as add-ons. They can be for example PK3s containing graphics assets.

    Plugins, however, refer to native code DLLs that contain game logic or other such functionality.
  • Ah ok I get it now! Thanks for clearing that up for me.
    I got the Heretic .pk3 loaded and working(mostly) - what awesome work, the objects are so much nicer! Easier to get it going with a mouse that's for sure! :-)
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