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Any plan to support arm / raspberry pi ?

Hello devs, is there any plan to support the doomsday engine on arm device at some point ? i know there is other engine already available, but the multiplayer gui on the doomsday engine is simply fantastic !

thanks !


  • I actually have a Raspberry Pi 3 for this purpose. The current status is that everything except the OpenGL client executable should be working: server, Shell GUI, and the other tools should be running fine with Qt 5 on RPi.

    The caveat is that you'll need to compile from source, and I haven't tested recent releases in the last year or so.

    I believe there is an experimental OpenGL driver for RPi, but it most likely isn't compatible or doesn't work too well with Doomsday. I haven't tested it myself. My plan is to one day do the OpenGL ES port of the Doomsday shaders so it'll have a chance of running decently.
  • sound's good, thanks !
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