respawning in Deathkings of the Dark Citadel

I see there is a work being done on Doomsday Script. I would like to disable
excessive monster respawning in Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel and if I understand correctly, this feature could be used for it. If so, in which version of Doomsday will it be possible?


  • You probably mean this?

    I've recently rejected that feature request in the tracker, but I can consider adding a cvar for the respawn rate if it turns out to be simple to implement.
  • The next unstable build of 2.3 will have a new cvar called "game-deathkings-respawn-chance". If you set that to 0, all respawns will be disabled.

    You can also use values between 0...100 to reduce the respawn rate without completely disabling the feature.
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    Yes, I mean this issue. In Deathkings is such annoying respawn rate of enemies (much more frequent than in the base game) that makes it practically unplayable for me. I read many complains on the net about this from other players so I'm not alone. If possible, I would really appreciate adding a cvar as I would like to complete this expansion pack too one day. :-)
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    Great, you posted a solution when I wrote this. Thanks a a lot.
  • No problem! In the end it was a pretty simple change.
  • Why not implement it for the HeXen plugin as a whole?

    I'm just noting that the cvar is named after Deathkings, so assume it only works in Deathkings?
  • As far as I know, this respawning feature is unique to Deathkings.
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  • Everyone has gaps in their knowledge I suppose!

    Upon a quick review, script 255 is definitely a thing in Hexen as well so this cvar could just as well be modified to work there as well.

    When it comes to gameplay, Deathkings has much more monsters respawning so the feature is more useful there. The feature request in the tracker was specifically for Deathkings.
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    I personally didn't have problem with respawn in Hexen but it was awful in Deathkings so I'm satisfied with current solution. But every player is different so I can imagine somebody else would like to limit respawn in Hexen too.
  • hi, is it possible, and if so then how, to add the no respawn ACS script from here to the doomsday engine:

    or if there is any other way to disable monter respawn in the base hexen game?

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