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edited 2009 Dec 25 in General
Hello, im new to the forums but I have been tracking doomsday engine for quite a while now.

Recently I purchased ID software pack from Steam that offered Doom1, 2, and 3 aswell as heretic hexen and all the official expansions.
At first I tried playing them through steam but unfortunately the result is im playing a very buggy and laggy game.
Steam uses the game with DosBox and although I use that to play these classic dos games myself it just doesn't work that good with doom engine series on my PC.

So I decided to try out Doomsday engine and I want to say that the work you people have done over the years is simply amazing, the game runs perfect and the quality is much better and it brings back the good 'ol memories ^^

That said, I enjoy playing the game as it is but I was wondering if there are any sites or mirrors where I can download the Addons?
I read somewhere that there are still a few problems with the site but is there any word on when this is going to get fixed, cos I would love to play this game with all the addons.

So to make my story a bit shorter: Is there someplace I can download the addons until the main addon page gets fixed?
I don't mind waiting a bit longer but any word of the current situation with the addons downloads would be appreciated.


PS: Sorry for any English language mistakes, im Dutch
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