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Switch Freeze Icarus.wad map 9 the moat

Used the latest 2.2 rc build

First off this map takes a very long time to load I thought the engine was stuck on the loading screen, It plays fine until I reached a dark room with two switches blocked off by raised floors and one more that's on a wall. The wall one lowers the floor for the top left switch, every time I activate it doomsday freezes entirely without crashing I had to close it though task manager or else I would have to restart my pc.

Specs : Ryzen 7 2700X - Geforce RTX 2060


  • Just tried the latest unstable build #3260 same thing happened. Map 9 in this wad is unbeatable at the moment. Clean installed the gpu drivers to make sure if there is something happening on my end or not but the freeze still happened
  • I ran the map through the profiler and discovered some suspect algorithms for 1) handling missing wall textures, 2) handling plane-related map hacks.

    These algorithms would lock up for several seconds while working on the map. To address 1), I replaced the missing texture handling with a much simpler/faster version. However, 2) is more difficult and relates generally to map hack emulation, which in general seems to be pretty broken in Doomsday at the moment.

    I'll push some changes to the unstable master (and the next 2.3 build) so you can test how it works. This will fix the lockups, but new rendering glitches may be encountered.
  • Wow.. that explains it. I will try the new build as soon as its available and report how it behaved, thank you for explaining to me how and why that happened
  • Build #2364

    The map loaded quickly and was able to get the red key. : ) Did not see any rendering glitches so far, now on map 12 and everything is going quite well
  • Thanks for testing! This likely won't make 2.2.0 due to the potential for new issues, but I'll keep working on it and perhaps a patch can be released later.
  • Glad to be helpful! I have no problem using the 2.3 unstable branch as my primary, I like how my game saves stayed usable switching between 2.1.2 ,2.2 and 2.3. I don't have to worry about being set back when updating or reverting back, I like how this ecosystem works. :smile:
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