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Doomsday is crashing all the time

Some backstory:Last summer I wanted to try out doomsday(idk what version) but when I tried to set an Iwad location file it just crashed.Then after opening doomsday.exe again it just showed me the doomsday logo and then just closed down as if nothing happened.Too many attepmts later the same result. Now I wanted to try the latest version of the doomsday port(2.1.2) and again the exact same fricking thing happened. I'm using windows 10 pro with a pc with gtx 1050 ti,i7-8300 and 32 gb ram.I think this kind of a problem would be resolved by just reseting the pc but i'm not doing that unless I had to.I tried everything from allowing it through firewall to running it as administrator.


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    There are some persistent settings that Doomsday stores in your operating system user home folder. Deleting these will reset everything back to the defaults, and should let you start Doomsday again.

    Your home folder is, for example: "C:\Users\{WindowsUserName}\"

    Inside there is a hidden folder called "AppData" where applications can store files. You can get in there by typing out the path manually in explorer: "C:\Users\{WindowsUserName}\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\runtime".

    In that runtime folder, delete the file called "persist.pack".

    If it crashes again when you select the IWAD folder, let me know and we can see what can be done to fix it.
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