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weapon/environmental sound modding

edited 2009 Dec 24 in General
(these things posted in technical support section but maybe that's not a right place for my question...)

hi everybody!

i need some technical help in doomsday / sound hacking. i would like to apply some special sound effect in doom (DD) via ded files. (i use DD engine 1.7x or 1.8x...)
for an example: when u bring up the plasma gun or bfg u will be hear some electrical sounds what is emitted by weapons, like in doom64, the plasmagun.

i tried to copying the chainsaw setting because it have some idle sound fx but no success. i can't assign some newly added sound to the sprite frames (example: plasmagun first frame > some looped electrical sound fx)

in other case, i would like to use this procedure to make some ambient sounds in doom levels via particle system.

if u have some good idea pls let me know...


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