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Weapon aspect ratio, a bug in Scythe and a question

edited 2019 Aug 16 in Technical Support
My issue is that all the weapon sprites look horizontally stretched. Changing the settings from "stretched" to 1:1 helps a little bit, but it is still very noticeable and annoys me. I am using the vanilla renderer.

On Scythe (1) at the beginning of my map 04 there is a bit where you have to leap from one platform to the other. This works fine on other source ports, but on Doomsday you simply cannot make it. The bit is easy to find. Just turn right and then right again and you will see it.

And a question: Is there a way to increase the general brightness of a game? Doom 2 looks fine, but Hexen looks a bit too dark for my taste.

BTW the new UI is fantastic, but I still have trouble finding anything in it :-).


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