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how to compile from source code?

I have downloaded Doomsday-2.1.1tar.gz . I have arch linux kernel 4.19.61-1-lts.
I have all packages
Qt 5 (modules: Core, Network, Gui, OpenGLExtensions, Widgets)
Qt 5 X11Extras module
SDL_mixer 2
libXrandr and libXxf86vm
cmake 3.15.1
souce location /home/kasparov/Downloads/Doomsday-2.1.1
i don't have FMOD Studio Low-Level Programmer APIy82ri3ge5dhn.png

Now how should i compile ?
what should i type in terminal ? please guide . I am a noob.
please help....


  • edited 2019 Aug 11
    Running a build with CMake is relatively straightforward.

    1) Create your build directory:
    mkdir ~/Downloads/Doomsday-2.1.1/build
    and chdir to it.

    2) Configure the build:
    cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../doomsday
    Note what gets printed by CMake here. It will list what gets built and whether there are any missing dependencies. For example, FMOD is optional, so it will say FMOD not found and the build will be done without the FMOD plugin.

    3) Build and install:
    make -jX install
    (replace the X with the number of CPU cores you have, e.g., "-j8")

    The install step should place the files in "~/Downloads/Doomsday-2.1.1/distrib/products".

    Let me know if you have further questions, I'm happy to help.
  • Your post gives more exact information than the Wiki. For that I thank you.
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