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2.1.1 windows: music plays over next track and after quit game

Hello, I have a problem with music in Hexen with dengine 2.1.1 under Windows. After game loads (from save or transition to another location) the previous track continues to play and a new one starts to play too. This eventually leads to sound glitches. Event if I quit game to dengine main screen music continues to play. This happens with FluidSynth and SDL backends. With FMOD or Windows Multimedia I only hear strange stuttering instead of music. I use 64bit build with Windows 10.


  • Increasing number of sound channels from 16 to 64 seemingly solved that problem.
  • edited 2019 Aug 20
    Thanks for reporting. I haven't had a chance to run any audio/music tests on Windows to see what could be the problem here, but it is still on my to-do list.
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