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Keyboard doesn't work anymore

I can't quite figure out what happened. I was playing Doom using DE2.0.3. I closed the program and when I came back to it later, I can load up my saved game, but they keys don't do anything. I can't move or open the game menu or anything. Both form DOOM and DOOM2. If I try to start a new game, I can get the menu to open, but only the hotkeys for the menu items do anything (N, O, L, etc). I can't use enter or esc or the arrow keys to do anything. The rest of my computer works fine. What in the world happened? Is there a way to check the keymap to be sure it is not corrupt? I even tried DE2.1.1 and have the same issue.


  • Sounds like the key bindings were erased. IIRC this is a bug that was still occurring in 2.0.3...

    You need to reset your player control bindings. You can do this in-game by opening the console (Shift+Esc), and typing "defaultbindings" in the console prompt. If you're not running Doomsday, you can also delete the .cfg files containing the bindings. They can be found in the Doomsday runtime folder (the location is OS-dependent):
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