Sigil very poor FPS on E5M6

On this level and on this cyberdemon maze my FPS got single digits and it's unplayable. What's going on?

2.1.1 stable
core i7 3.7ghz lynnfield
r9 fury
16gigs of ram

Should not be PC being shitty as it's plenty of enough for Doom, 3D-accelerated or not.


  • I think the problem is that you are not using the best Wad file for Doomsday. If you had said E3M5 then you would have been using a Wad file that is designed to be compatible in ports like Doomsday. Basically the Wad file you are using has things in it that only ports like GLDoom, ZDoom, ect. support not Doomsday and that is responsible for the low FPS when these incompatibilities are present. Of course, I am just going by the DoomWorld Forums on this topic so I could be wrong.

    Might try the compatibility Wad and see if it helps.

  • I just finished the first episode of both the “Sigil_Compatabile.Wad” & the “Sigil.Wad” on both Risen 3D and the latest version of Doomsday, although I have not found all of the secrets yet. In this first level I did not see any differences between these two "Wads".


    I saw no difference in smoothness of game play but did see some visual differences.
    The things I noticed were: (These are all in the room that you start in).

    In Risen 3D just before Sigil loaded a large white rectangle warning box was display stating that some of the textures were missing and they would be rendered using a white texture, did I wish to proceed. Doomsday did not display this warning.

    In Risen 3D the “armor helmets” rotate and have a green glow only inside the helmet while in Doomsday they do not rotate (some are facing the wall) and the green glow can be seen inside and outside on the helmets. However, I could hear the appropriate sound when picking up items in Doomsday but not in Risen 3D and I do have “sound effects” volume at max of 255. Perhaps I need to turn the computer sound up but I will have to remember to turn it down as it will make Doomsday very loud.

    There is an opening in the wall that you can see a triangle & hexagon or octagon rotating independently of each other around a large eye starring at you. In Doomsday day they rotate together (but faster) and the eye is rotated 90 degrees so you only see it on edge. You cannot tell it is an eye.

    To me all of these are just cosmetic and do not seem to effect game play for me. So, I do not think any of them really needs to be addressed as the renderer is being totally redone and such things are expected.

    Of course there are older versions of Doomsday that probably do not have any of these cosmetic changes.
  • I played it through with sigil_compat.wad. I dunno if it's r9 fury drivers (latest ones) or prob in new renderer what this dengine nowadays has. OS is Win10 Pro. I managed to complete sigil on UV however, turning resolution down didn't help FPS problems at all so something fishy is going on.
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    It's most likely caused by the perf bottlenecks related to processing complex map geometry and/or large numbers of dynamic lights. The current renderer does not do a great job with such maps.
  • Well, I upgraded my PC to a AMD ThreadRipper 1950x (32gigs of 3200mhz RAM also), and FPS jumped from 9fps poor to something like 19fps, but performance is still very unacceptable.

    Is there any performance improvements coming up in the future? It's goofy that PC like mine can't run even DooM properly.
  • I agree the renderer should be a great deal faster. However, at this time I'm choosing to use my time to work on the redesigned renderer instead of trying to optimize the old one.

    It's a bit like choosing to build a nimble speedboat instead of trying to patch up holes in a sinking Titanic. :smile:
  • Well I think you really should work on new renderer of course. That looks pretty interesting, I am sure the performance will be automatically better if you use latest OpenGL/Vulkan.
  • 2 years on, same issue for me with 2.3.1 and Sigil 1.21, not only on E5M6, but on almost every Sigil map (although not as bad as on E5M6). Is there any progress on the new renderer?
  • Did you try both WADs, Doom and Ultimate Doom? In Doom it's episode 3.
  • Always use Doom 1.9 wad
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