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Doomsday 2.1.1 - how to change ANY game's graphics/resolution options??

Hello. I can't seem to find ANY graphics options for any of the supported games in doomsday 2.1.1 - mac or PC.. Maybe it's just me missing something? With 1.9 the UI had a simple to find graphics tab that even let you set the graphics and resolution settings for ALL games! I would also like to know if it's possible to set the framerate? Because with the default settings, any game I try stutters at a low framerate (mac version.) As if it's struggling to play these games - maybe AA or something is turned right up causing some slow down? With 1.9 (mac) I don't get this problem, even with every graphics option maxed and set to a high resolution - it runs smooth as a baby kitten! I would LOVE to stick with 1.9 but like I mentioned in a previus thread - that version has a problem with my mac - specifically the mouse control spinning out of control..Anyways, this s about 2.1.11 How do I change the graphics options in either the main UI menu or in-game menu?? ANY help is very appreckated. Thank you :)


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    On the bottom right of the main screen (where all your installed iwads are organized) There's a clickable button that says "ESC Taskbar"

    On my PC, I can just press escape, but it's clickable too.

    There you will find a little gear icon and inside is a Video section. These will be basic graphics options like video resolution etc. More specific graphics options are found per game engine (jDoom, jHeretic, etc.). AFAIK If you configure it for Doom2 it's the same as for Ultimate Doom, but not Heretic.

    Once inside a game, you are again supposed to open the taskbar to find the per engine options. You are supposed to bind this button on your first run of doomsday? in any case, an alternate way to get there is open the game menu (ESC), go to options, and then show taskbar. Once the taskbar is up you can find the gear icon.

    And somewhere on the left of the taskbar is the option to change the bind. I believe my default was the windows "Menu" (PC keyboard). I rebound this to the ~/` key left of the 1.

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    Makaki wrote: »
    And somewhere on the left of the taskbar is the option to change the bind. I believe my default was the windows "Menu" (PC keyboard). I rebound this to the ~/` key left of the 1.
    That key binding is for opening the console prompt (which does also show the taskbar but focuses the keyboard input to the console, too).

    You can always press Shift+Esc to show the taskbar. It is a hardcoded keybinding that is always available.

    You can change the monitor resolution on Windows and Linux — show the Doomsday UI by pressing Shift+Esc, then click on the ⚙️ button and select Video. Video settings are independent of games, so all your games will use the same resolution, antialiasing, etc.

    On the Mac, you can't change the display resolution but instead you should adjust the renderer pixel density. See this page:

    I actually recommend always using the pixel density setting because then the rest of the UI remains fully usable at normal scale.

    You can try disabling antialiasing in the Video settings as well, if it happens to be turned on. An FPS limiter option is also available there, but it only caps the FPS, never increases it.
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