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Best way to stop a public server from getting stuck?

And why does it happen in the first place?

So far I've found myself stuck in two situations, one of them seems easier to repeat.

The repeatable one is the ending death at doom1 E1M8. The screen goes black and the server doesn't seem to progress from there. Reconnecting to the server results in a black screen.

And the other situation was on doom2 map02. Someone left the switch to open the door activated, but it never seemed to actually open. I joined the server and the situation was already in place.

Some servers state they allow noclip, but this hasn't work for me so far. And it's rather useless for the situation in e1m8.

So what's the best way to avoid this on the server configuration, or workaround this issue??


  • yeah the noclip cheat doesn't seems to work on my server.

    I have opened this feature request to solve this problem :

    I also just found this : ... opened by someone else, but it's the same goal in the end ... fix the server for when an episode end.

    i'm not sure about the doom2 map02 issue, I never saw this issue on my servers.
  • After reading the bug, I think the solution would be to repeat the episode and not change the episode. At least for now.

    Changing the episode would seem part of a more advanced feature, like chaining episodes together, or simply a vote system.

    Changing episodes seems more like an option and not a default. What if the admin wants to server to always be on a particular episode?

    I was also giving though to what happens to the other players who haven't triggered the end sequence. For example the death room on E1M1? And what happens to players who are reading the "end text".

    On any other map, if you are still exploring and the end button is pressed, you go out with everybody else at the same time. So I guess on the last map if the trigger is performed by anyone, same rule applies.

    As for the "end text", I guess the server could have a timer and restart 1 min after the end-text is triggered. This would give it a nice place in the code to perform such action. At least until a better solution is designed.

    I might play around patching that in.
  • Yeah, i got no idea how to patch that in :D

    Can someone make a patch that at least kills the server? Then we just have to restart it externally. At least it won't stay stuck if the episode ends.
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