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Request: Non-blurry scaling

I totally love the doomsday engine, great work.
Well I am working on (almost done) a version of the 3d monsters from jdrp and jhrp that show the original 2d sprite based death animations upon death. Because I feel this was a big part of DOOM and Heretic.
Well I have notice DE really blurs 2d sprite based graphics such as enemies and Weapons etc.
I am requesting a rendering method that does not blur these but instead just resizes the sprites without any kind of filtering or blurring, and looks crisp.
This has already been done in GZDoom.
thank you team


  • You are probably looking for the cvar "rend-tex-filter-sprite". You could try changing its value to zero in the console prompt.

    Note that renderer appearance cvars are managed by the Renderer Appearance profiles:

    The important thing to note is that you should keep the appearance profile set to "Custom" if you edit cvars manually. Otherwise your cvar values will get overwritten.

    With the Custom profile you can of course also change the settings via the GUI. The corresponding setting in the GUI is "Materials → Bilinear Filtering → Sprites".
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