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multiplayer list limited to 25 servers ?

It seems that the list don't go over 25 servers.


  • Is the server information coming from the master server, or just on the LAN?

    I don't recall there being any limitations on the number of servers on the master, but LAN discovery broadcasts do have a size limit. Even so, I don't think it would come out at 25...
  • It might be an issue on my end.

    Some server are crashing very quickly at the boot, and I only manage to keep 18-20 server up at best. I'm not sure if it's a memory issue on my server, or the game is confused since there is so many pwad based on doom2, and maybe there is a mix in some memory address or something...

    Is there a specific log that I can monitor to see what's going on ?
  • It might help if you start each server with the “-stdout” option and then redirect the outputs to separate files. The stderr of the crashing server(s) may contain something helpful.
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