available command for regular user in multiplayer


I would like to allow people to change the maps on my servers. Is there a way to allow regular user to use the setmap command directly in the game ?


  • At the moment this is not possible.

    Before the Shell app was introduced, there used to be a "login" command that allowed a client to issue commands on the server. However, this allowed also issuing any other commands in addition to "setmap"...

    How would you like this to work? Should there be some sort of voting system so the map isn't being changed too often/inadvertently?
  • I would like a similar feature so people can skip to the next episode in doom & heretic.

    I enabled the cheat on both to do this, but i'm having a hard time to do the cheat, probably because there is some reserved key by dengine in multiplayer.

    Unless there is an obvious setting already that can do this ?
  • I though about it, and yeah a voting system to change the map would be best.

    The original voter could simply select the map in a popup window or something, and everybody else can approve or something.
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