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What is Skyjakes view on improving the original graphics versus outright replacing them?

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Something I've often wondered about. What is Skyjakes view on improving the original graphics versus outright replacing them?

I mean things like filters on or adding dynamic lights to the original sprites versus replacing them with models, alternate, often higher resolution textures etc.

I hope the above comes across as non-rude. I struggled to word it to say what I intended it ask.


  • I personally tend to appreciate the original look and feel the most. Replacement textures usually have their own "visual flavor" that is subtly or not-so-subtly different from the original, and I find that it detracts from the nostalgic effect if the style of the textures is different.

    ML-based upscaling can give really impressive results to increase the texture resolution without altering the art style. For modern screen resolutions, I would prefer this kind of texture replacements.
  • Hm, the question is about sprites, the answers is about textures. Try again, please.
  • My answer is the same when it comes to sprites. They're all textures in the end.

    3D models in particular are tricky, though. It's virtually impossible to replicate the original look and feel of the sprites as 3D models, especially if they're animated sprites. That is why I generally prefer upscaled sprites for monsters. For weapons, ammo, health vials, etc. 3D models can be less distracting even if they don't look like the originals that much.
  • I can agree to that. Especially animated monster 3D models tent to age quickly over the years, whereas items and HUD weapons are not affected as much.
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    Do you not believe that if they could have done it Doom would have been quite different than what we have? You would never have had these feelings for sprites if they could have had the technology that we have today. I support my assumption with the fact that the sprites were made from highly detailed 3 dimensional models placed in position and photographed. If they could have made curves they would have, if they could have made slopes they would have and if they could have made models they would have. The average computer of the day could not support what they wanted to give so they settled for what could be given. When Doom first came out we marveled at how realistic and believable it was. You think you remember horribly pixelated textures and sprites but in fact they looked quite smooth and detailed on the monitors that we had and compared to what was before it was something to behold.
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