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Item Respawn in Multiplayer?

edited 2011 Jun 15 in General
Hi guys, I've got a question concerning Item Respawning (and Respawntime) in Multiplayer. I searched the Forum and the Ingame Console, but I couldn't find any solution on how to turn on Item Respawning.

For example, a friend and I sometimes love to play Doom and Doom 2 cooperativly on Nightmare, but that gets quite difficult when only the monsters respawn again, without any ammonition.

Cheers :)


  • On the doomsday launcher go to shared settings and developer tab. Add this line to it for item respawning.
    -server-game-coop-respawn-items 1
  • thank you. :)
  • didn't want to start a new thread because it's basically the same question:

    is there a way to set a monster- and itemrespawn time?
    for example a couple of friends and i love to play doom in coop on nightmare, but one some later levels (especially with doom 2) this gets quite difficult.

    so we would like to be able to set the itemrespawn time to 20s and monsters to 40s.
    also, will this feature be added to the ingame menu some time soon? it's available in doom legacy (that's where we got the idea), but we'd rather play Doomsday because it runs much smoother and looks so much prettier.

    thanks :)
  • We started making things like this server game modifiers (like those for damage and health) using cvars. These are to be abstracted by a game rules mechanic, so these modifiers could be implemented as rules here. We'll probably do something along those lines come implementation time.
  • thanks, i'm looking forward to that :)
  • I can see it now: Deng becoming the next "Skulltag" on Doom Connector - millions enjoy the classics on an international scale!

    EDIT: what I mean is, Skulltag seems to be the primary engine that people prefer when using Doom Connector... at least back when I remember it!
  • Drosan wrote: »
    server-game-coop-respawn-items 1

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