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Crashing Issues & Music Glitches

Hello, I'm running version 2.1 and every time I try to load a Doom game, the engine freezes on the main menu of whichever Doom I launch and I am unable to navigate the menu or start a game. I am able to play Heretic and Hexen, but the music in both games is glitched and choppy. I attached my doomsday.out here:

Thank you for your help!!


  • Here is the .out file when I load Ultimate Doom:
  • Still having the same problem with all Doom games freezing at the main menu even after a fresh install of v2.1.1 - please help!
  • Since the problem is isolated to Doom, perhaps there is a configuration issue specific to that one plugin. When you did a fresh install, did you also clear the user runtime directory? It is a in a hidden folder on Windows:

    Have you tried changing the audio backend settings to see if that helps with the music? You appear to be using FMOD (which is generally good and the default), but you could try SDL_mixer instead. There are also music packs with MP3 versions of the music if the FluidSynth/MIDI is not working for you.

  • Not that your save games are in the runtime directory, so you may want to keep those instead of deleting the whole thing...
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