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[Hexen][Engine 2.1.0] Switch not working in Heresiarch's seminary

Can anyone confirm this bug?

I am unable to pull the "switch" behind the two dead trees in map27.



  • edited 2018 Dec 28
    Confirmed, this switch in MAP27 (warp 13) does not operate.

    EDIT: This is related to the quest design. Read my next post below.
  • edited 2018 Dec 28
    Using the latest stable release (2.1) and warping to the map, the switch appears to work fine for me.

    Are you close enough to the switch to activate it?
  • Trying to gain access to said switch without using the 'noclip' cheat, one has to trigger two other switches. One of those two switches operates a turning wall, and upon triggering the turning wall the switch in question becomes inoperable. This is probably due to the quest design requiring the player to complete some other task before this switch becomes operable again.

    However, using the 'noclip' cheat to directly gain access to the switch in question, without triggering the turn wall switch, the switch is operable.

    So the switch being inoperable is not a bug, it will become operable once certain tasks have been fulfilled, that progress the quest.
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