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Heretic won't start on PowerBook G4 / Mac OS 10.4 Tiger

Web site says to use version 1.10.0 but that version requires Mac OS 10.5 to run the installer. So I'm trying to use 1.9.9. It fails to start with error message: Failed to load font "index". I can post the full log file later tonight. Any ideas? I really think it'd be cool to get this working on this old machine. I'm trying to setup multiple machines for multiplayer. I have several Linux machines which run it fine. If I could get this Mac working that would make 4 for multiplayer.


  • It’s been a while since I booted my PowerBook G4 so I can’t unfortunately verify which of the old versions would work for you.

    Thinking back to the time I was developing Doomsday on the G4, I would recommend trying the 1.9.0-beta releases.

    However, those really old versions are likely multiplayer-incompatible with the later ones...
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