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"Doom Registered" and "Heretic Registered" missing?

edited 2018 Sep 23 in General
Hi, I own these games countless times and also bought them on steam, but for some reason "Doom Registered" and "Heretic Registered" are still missing.
Whats up with this files, and how checks Doomsday Engine which files are valid? Name, CRC or filesize? Whats with different versions of a game?


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    The Doom and Heretic registered game modes are for the original three episode releases of both games.

    Ultimate Doom and Heretic SOTR, the versions which are more common these days, are the expanded versions with four and five episodes respectively.

    Dday supports all of them, if you have the right Iwad.
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    But how do I know how to name them so Doomeday Engine recoginzes them? I definitly have all versions of the game. If the name have to do anything with this issue, which is unknown.
  • Q_Marine wrote: »
    But how do I know how to name them so Doomeday Engine recoginzes them?
  • For some reason Doomsday Engine recognizes files which are named completely different then the iWADs from this wiki. Isnt this the wiki for zDoom? Also, there are games missing that Doomsday Engine supports.
    Any official statement how Doomsday Engine checks the files?
  • Q_Marine wrote: »
    Isnt this the wiki for zDoom?
    These are the original game file names, the listing isn't specific to ZDOOM.

    You can check whether you have valid WAD files by comparing them to the original game file details (file size, hash values). On the ZDOOM IWAD page click on a filename, e.g. doom.wad, to access these details.

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    Q_Marine wrote: »
    Any official statement how Doomsday Engine checks the files?
    These are the criteria for recognizing IWADs (unstable 2.1):

    Reading that file should be fairly self-explanatory.

    Not all criteria are required; for example, if the WAD directory and file size both match, the file name doesn't have to match. However, all found files are scored and the best match is used.

    There may definitely be some bugs in the code, though, because it sounds like certain files that should definitely be recognized aren't being found.
  • Thanks, that is some strange identification system. :)
    I managed to get the registered games now, thanks for your help.

    The last one missing is the 4 level Beta Demo. Could someone please uplad this for me? I guess ists not copyright protected.
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