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Missing Values for Heretic page

Hi @skyjake, I'm trying to figure out how the value names are defined for Heretic, but unfortunately page is missing. Could you provide the ammo types (names) for it? I would like to try some changes for Max ammo. Thanks!


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    Values definitions are Doom only I am afraid.
  • @Vermil Thanks for that, 11 years.. looks not so good:) If I’m not mistaken, d-engine was created for heretic/hexen originally, so I was sure that values exist for these games.

    Strange that Max health can be changed via Values in Heretic, so it works the same as in Doom. So I assume ammo names were not specified. I’m ready to fund this change:)
  • Donations are gracefully accepted of course. :smile:

    If you make a list of the specific values you'd like to change, it shouldn't take too long to add those to the Heretic plugin in the next unstable build.
  • @skyjake sounds good :) Basically, I would like to change the Max ammo values, like for Doom:


    The names could be anything you want, for instance:


    I'll be grateful for this. With regards to donation let's talk about it in private;)
  • Exactly. Does this already included in the next unstable version?
  • Yep, the next unstable build will have it.
  • Great, thanks👍 If you have any estimates with regards to possible release date, pls share
  • I'm doing some upgrades on the server at the moment, but if nothing breaks too badly the next unstable build should be available within 24 hours.
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    skyjake wrote: »
    Donations are gracefully accepted of course. :smile:

    maybe i did not search enough, but I haven't found a donation link on the main page.
  • There is a Donate link in the bottom of the side menu, visible in the Downloads, Add-ons, and Blog tabs:

    I should add the link to the bottom sitemap as well since that would be more visible...
  • For sure, I found the donation option not at first sight. And pls check if repetitive donations settings are working properly, looks like not.
  • I've added a Donate link to the bottom of the sitemap now.

    When it comes to recurring payments, I'll have to see if Paypal has some settings related to that. Not sure when that option was added in Paypal...
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