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Further rendering explorations – Part 3

edited 2018 Jul 27 in News

imageFurther rendering explorations – Part 3

This is the final installment of a short series of posts detailing what I’ve learned while exploring the possible directions that a redesigned Doomsday renderer could take. This post is about…

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  • edited 2018 Jul 27
    This was a pretty awesome series of posts, SkyJake. Super excited to see what comes in the future. I remember when this source port was still in the early days on NewDoom (May it rest in peace). It's certainly come a long way. You guys do incredible work.
  • very cool, How easy will it be to create an addon that modifies which way objects are facing in the original iwads?
  • Reading Skyjakes comment suggests it will be possible to replace any piece of a map with a model?
  • @Deathmonkey7 Thanks!

    @KuriKai Not sure if an addon is the right way to tackle that. But in general it's pretty simple to add a mechanism for per-map definitions that specify overriding angles for specified objects. At the moment, such per-map definitions are not supported, but it ties quite neatly into the bigger picture of using Doomsday Script to access/modify game world/map state.
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