How to remove a loaded Pwad from the server v 2.0.3

As the title says, i had to jump through hoops & forum messages to find all the needed info to run the server.

Got it going and runs now as a private server.

added the dwango5.wad file

for the life of me cant remember what or where to enter a command to remove the dwango.wad file, i even renamed the wad file hopping if the server couldn't find it so wouldn't load it....

Apparently once the server loads a wad file, it saves that wad file somewhere so renaming didn't prevent it from loading.

Restarted the server a number of times.. still loads it..

PS there are 3 pages missing from the doomsday wiki help pages, all relating to server info and are all but required, but NOT there... ???

So whats the server command to unload a pwad file once loaded, and is the command line on the server UI where that command goes ??


  • Are you running the server via the Shell GUI or directly from the command line?
    added the dwango5.wad file
    How did you add this file? Was it with a console command, in a .cfg file, with a command line option to doomsday-server, or perhaps something else?
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