How to Fix FOV and Weapons Cut Off

This took me a bit to track down, but I use an ultrawide monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio, and the FOV is wrong at 95. It needs to be wider to look correct. Not only that, but using weapon models the weapons are cut off on the bottom on the screen. To fix, change your configs at:

C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\runtime\configs\<GAME>\game.cfg

Find and change the following:

# Field of view.
rend-camera-fov 137

# When FOV > 90 player weapon is shifted downward.
rend-hud-fov-shift 0

Hope this helps anyone else with this issue. I think this could be fixed in engine, by adding options in the GUI for these two options, or better yet, automatically change the FOV for different aspect ratios.


  • I'd be much more interested in testing my product on devices with this so there wouldn't have to be a workaround.

    With this issue, are you seeing the bottom of the models where nothing was built from the designer's/developer's end, or are you seeing some kind of engine-side cut-off where parts are just not rendered? Could you post screenshots or video?
  • Cut off does not describe it very well. They are just off the screen. You can sometimes see the very top of the weapon, but mostly it is drawn off the screen. Sort of like if you were holding your gun at your hips and you could barely see it in your field of view. Changing the line rend-hud-fov-shift to 0 fixes this for me.
  • th_Base%20Profile%20Screenshot%202018.05.11%20-%2007.15.16.28_zpssqkij5vr.png

    ^ rend-hud-fov-shift 45 (default)


    ^ rend-hud-fov-shift 0

    Note, both of these shots were captured with rend-camera-fov set to 137. I don't believe that setting affects anything as the weapons were low even when it was set to the default 90.
  • hmmm interesting. Yeah, it'd be a great improvement if it was more responsive. I don't have the knowledge to comment on whether that is feasible or not.
  • Does anyone know if there has been any updates regarding this? I am having the same problem, 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor but unfortunately the fixes above only help very little. still most of the weapons are cut off.
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