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Creation of additional weapons and projectiles

Hi guys,

I'm in progress of working on ambitious wad for Heretic and I'm using DED scripts not for the first time, but never tried to add any weapons to existed ones, as well as new projectiles for them. Is it possible in DE?

For instance, I'd like to add new weapons and assign them to 8,9,0 buttons. I've seen such things are widely used in Zdoom wads. It would be great if you share any experience with that.


  • Doomsday has no way of adding new projectiles or weapons, only modifying existing ones.

    Dday's modding features don't have as many features as ZDoom.
  • Thanks for clarifying it, Vermil. It's a bit weird for me, such things like new weapons are quite expected by fans in mods. But I don't want to change the classic ones, so modifying it is not the way I'd like to go. Anyway, I wonder where I can find the current weapons logic to look through it? In terms of DE
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