These addons don't exist?

Sorry to bother, I need the HD Pack and HD Face addon as seen in this video:


  • You are looking for the jdui-all-20120223.pk3
    Right-Click the link above and choose "Save as" from your browser context menu.

    This pack is more feature complete than what is shown in your referenced video, plus it has display of the Armor icon fixed.

    Also worth noting is that the HUD-Face seen in the video is actually the original unmodified resource from DOOM, while the JDUI pack from 2012-02-23 uses enhanced/upscaled images of the HUD-Face graphics.
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    Still wondering why this bug was never fixed....

    PS: i mean the statistics numbers...
  • Yeah, it should look like this, I guess.

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    When the JDUI was made, Dday used custom font names.

    When this was corrected the JDUI was not updated.
  • thx for the hint Vermil...

    I was able to fix this by renaming all wim[*].png to wi[*].png
  • Renaming ALL "wim*.png" files, including wimnum0-wimnum9.png - wimap0.png - wimap1.png - wimap2.png and wimminus.png? Didn't work for me! After renaming these files the newly created .pk3-file doesn't start.
  • yes these files....and I ran into the same problem with the new pk3... so I renamed the files inside the old pk3 (zip) with winrar without extracting them.

    Does anybody know how to pack pk3 files properly with winrar ?
  • Great! Renaming worked fine. I forgot to remove the file's write protection.
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    Funny, i recovered the changes myself.

    at the moment i want to extend the pack, at least i added a sigil writing.

    Now i come to the point that:
    - the "white/silver font" aren't used for displaying D2 Mod Maps, Doom Zero for example, but in sigil, a doom1 mod, the font is used for mapnames. It works there without to be defined in the DED(modified and shorted the DE from JDUI). Since the names shown it must be defined and used, maybe 'cause of the mapinfo in WAD-File. In the Zero-WAD there's some graphic with text and the DEH defines the leveltexts to. For the Savegame-Names it works. May the extracted names can be used generally ?

    I tried several ways a local DED similar to the replaced names of doom2, MAPINFO, UMAPINFO and EMAPINFO in an additionally PWAD. None of them changes. Maybe i should sleep over and try it again. The described way for Map Info works.

    - also i wonder if i can define the mods in a ded/folder? to define the ded, m_doom graphic or sth.? i assume, that only gamemode is detected, right?

    - and another point i search for is : can packages be exluded not only recommend (opt-out) or extra (opt-in), but may thats to far from the topic.
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