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edited 2018 Feb 25 in Hexen
Is there anyway to crouch in the game Hexen?

There are options for everything I find it hard to fathom there is no crouch option.


  • Also the fly up and down doesn't work for Hexen. Any thoughts?
  • It isn't possible to crouch in vanilla Hexen and is considered a cheat.
  • SysOP wrote: »
    Also the fly up and down doesn't work for Hexen. Any thoughts?
    Have you collected the "Wings Of Wrath"?
  • Oh wow, okay. Yes, it did work. I thought a fly option was just added in doomsday for fun lol.
  • Does anyone know how to crouch? That would be awesome.

    I'm not playing multiplayer btw. The reason I use doomsday is because with the high res graphics + high res texture pack. It creates a really cool effect. I like to play regular Hexen plus Death Kings of The Dark Citadel expansion pack too. Using zDoom the controls are better but the graphic effects are 10x better in doomsday.

    Even without crouch I have to give credit where credit is due, doomsday is pretty epic.
  • edited 2018 Feb 25
    Only error I've encountered is in Death Kings Level 2 there is a pentagram type design on the wall and after you collect the Artifacts you light up all the sides. After lighting up 5 of 6 the sides it says "loading map.." -- Then quickly "Well that's odd" and it crashes.

    Edit: It turns out this is a part of the game it would seem, zdoom does the same thing it but it transports back to level 1. No crash.
  • So I guess its safe to assume you can't crouch.
  • Doom, Heretic and HeXen never had crouching. ZDoom adds it to the games. while Dday doesn't.
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