Cannot get Doom Classic Music Add-on to Work

I have the Doom Classic Music Add-on downloaded (.pk3 file) and no matter what I tried to get this running in Ultimate Doom for doomsday engine, it won't load. The game just loads the "high definition music" no matter how the add-ons are configured. Can someone walk me through the process for this? I have spent the last 3 hours trying absolutely everything and nothing works. Thanks


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    This is indeed quite tricky to accomplish if you do not know your way around in Doomsday. I assume that you do know how to add add-ons in Doomsday? If not please check here.

    Start DOOM with the Doom Classic Music addon activated. From the in-game menu select "Options", then "Show taskbar". Click on the little white gear at the bottom right of the screen and choose "Audio" from the pop-up menu. Make sure to set "Music Plugin" to FMOD (see screenshot). Now close all menus and restart DOOM (this is vital).

  • i don't think this is it - i am having the same problem but only with doom 2 - doom 1 works just fine - in doom 2 the pk3 gets loaded but only midi files play. i think its a bug somewhere.
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