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Bad FPS on Doom openworld mod

Tried this mod which is said to be tested on doomsday engine, but honestely telling it's not really working, I got 14FPS which is unacceptable and lot's of error messages.

My machine is

core i7 3.8ghz
radeon r9 fury

So I don't think it's really my PC as ordinaly levels and ports runs as excepted.

Perhaps this is the new benchmark for you guys to test your new builds.

Come on guys we need this mod working really, that would be dream come true. ;) (with a better quality to connect the levels with new areas also)


  • it dose say for best performance to use zandronum or GZDoom
  • Yep, my idea was more about that doomsday engine needs it's own openworld mod, tested, bugfixed and with good performance and it would be great benchmark also to develop the engine. Been having fun today with DoomOne with gzdoom however, but it would be better with doomsday. ;)
  • Thanks for the tip. This should indeed be a useful benchmark for renderer optimizations in the future.
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