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Doomsday Engine; For non-doomstyle games

I was wondering if the engine can produce standalone games, like an rpg or adventure into an executable file?


  • Yes, it is possible to use Doomsday as a basis for other types of games.

    However, it would take plenty of effort. I have personally used Doomsday for a couple of small non-Doom projects, with a completely different rendering code, etc.

    In practice it requires writing a new C/C++ game plug-in. Doomsday provides an architecture for various things like file and resource management, data structures, networking, and scripting language that are completely independent from Doom-based games.

    In other words, Doomsday is not as friendly as, say, Unity, for building custom games, but it certainly can be done and there is a lot of value in the “platform” if one can do native coding and appreciates full control over what’s happening.
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