Add-on Instructions

I have been trying for days, I am unable to figure out how to install add-ons
For Doom, Hexen or Heretic. Could someone please post instructions
On how to do this using Doomsday 2.03.


  • The general idea is that you place the add-ons in a folder that Doomsday is aware of, and the add-ons will then appear in the Packages list when you run Doomsday.

    You have a couple of options for choosing the folder:
    • You could create a new folder somewhere, let's say "C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Doomsday Add-ons" and put the add-ons there. Then in Doomsday's Data Files settings, you would add this folder under Add-ons and Packages.
    • If you put add-ons in the Doomsday runtime folder, they will get automatically detected. For example, on Windows this would be "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\runtime". Note that "AppData" is a hidden folder in Windows.
    • If you want to live dangerously :wink: you can put add-ons in Doomsday's "data" folder wherever you have installed Doomsday (for instance, "Program Files\Doomsday 2\data"). I don't recommend modifying anything under Program Files, though.
    Doomsday is able to load these types of addons: .wad, .deh, .pk3, .box

    If the add-on is a .ZIP, it may need to be unzipped first. If you have a .ZIP add-on that isn't being recognized by Doomsday, try unzipping it in your add-ons folder.

    (The problem with .ZIPs is that sometimes it is really a .PK3 with the wrong file extension, and sometimes it's a collection of many add-ons that need to be accessed separately.)
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