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How to launch a wad alone ?


I created a first map with Doom Builder A wad file was created.
I do not know how to launch it alone from Dommsday Engine 2.0.3?

What I have done:
I launched Doomsday Engine 2.0.3
I went to Packages
I selected my wad
I double-clicked on that wad
I made "Add to" the special Doom
I launched Special Doom
negative result: the wad did not appear first

How to launch this wad from Doom alone?



  • Ok, to clarify, do you mean that you want the game to start immediately in your map, skipping the Doom menus and skill level selection?
  • just to start the game with the map created,not necessary skipping the Doom menus and skill level selection
  • By default Doom1 and Doom2 maps are named ExMx and Mapxx respectively.

    Unless you provide a ded definition that changes this, your map has to be named either E1M1 or Map01, to replace the first map of either game.
  • as vermil has stated if your map is anything higher then E1M1, E2M1, E3M1, E4M1, or MAP01 you will not see it when you first load into game.
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