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MD2 Export script for 3dsmax

edited 2009 Nov 30 in Tools and Techniques
I've modified Adam Barton's MD2 Export script for 3dsmax to be able to set skin size, load skin and frame names from text files. I ran into some trouble, but I was able to solve my problems. Though maybe some solutions are a bit hack. It now works as intended. Maybe next I should add support for editable poly.

Here's the script file:

My modifications can be found with looking for code between "-- JCA" and "-- end" comments.

Instructions how to use it:
The script should work with any max version from 4 and above. Place the file in "<3dsmax>\scripts\startup\" and use it from the Utilities panel and hit the MaxScript button. Use the dropdown list to select MD2 Export. Note that the model needs to be an editable mesh, also you need to have it selected.

The frame and skin name text files are like this:



The "_eof_" in the end of list prevents the script from trying to read past end of file. It is recommended to have, but is not necessary.

There is still something wrong with the MD2 models exported. I put them ingame, the engine froze when starting a map that uses the MD2. I could load the models in q2 modeller, no errors. Same with loading/saving them with the md2tool into DMD or MD2, which worked just fine ingame..
I noticed that MD2 exported with the original script didn't work as they were either, they also needed processing with the md2tool.

This made me wonder if there's anything special with Doomsday's requirements from an MD2...


  • can we get a copy of the doomsday.out file after the crash please

    and also can we have a look at the model ded
  • I just found out what was the crash about. The export script didn't do GL Commands. It just has 0 in it. Maybe I'll check this out someday. For now the script does everything I wanted it to do. So if someone uses the script and wants the models to work in Doomsday, use md2tool to create the GL Commands.
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