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Missing textures in TNT: Evilution

There's a basic Doom 2 texture that isn't rendered properly in Doomsday. I never noticed any anomalies when playing through Doom 2 so I'm surprised that this is occurring in Evilution.

How it looks in Doomsday:

How it should look:


  • Which MAP of Evolution are you seeing this in? Also please attach the affected textures (brnbigc.png, brnbigl.png, brnbigr.png) in a ZIP archive so we can check whether the textures are corrupted or have wrong/missing alpha channels.
  • This is MAP02 near the start of the level. Enter the building through courtyard in which you spawn, then keep walking until you come to this inlet in the wall on your right side.

    I had trouble finding the exact textures. One of them is BRNSMALC but when browsing the resources, they apparently have totally different names so I'm not sure if I got the right textures. I went through all of the resources though and these textures are the only ones that match, which I am attaching as an archive as requested.

    The level editor clearly shows a middle texture but the textures appear to be missing in 3D editing mode. I'm not sure why but it looks fine in GZDoom and Chocolate Doom. Only Doomsday is giving me visible errors of the three source ports that I have tested.

  • I too have had the same problem for a very long time, maybe 10 years or more.

    When people first complained about this graphics glitch DaniJ (I think) made changes that seemed to have fixed this for most people (apparently), but not on my machine.
    Over the years I have used both Win XP and Win 7 64 bit with video cards ranging from the 8800 GTX to the GTX 1070, always updating the drivers and Doomsday too, but it has not make a difference.

    Therefore, I think I must have a bad copy of these particular textures or have them loaded incorrectly. I am assuming the textures are not part of the game and are part of some add-on pack.

    So, I will be interested in how this works out.
  • I think that it is just a bug with Doomsday. I have tested in a few more source ports since my last post and they all work fine (PrBoom+, Crispy Doom). I purchased this from GOG and I verified my installation in order to ensure that my WAD isn't corrupt, but everything checks out.

    I forgot to add that this is in Doomsday 2.0.3 on Windows 8.1 x64.Those are also default Doom 2 textures, not anything special that was added by TeamTNT.
  • This looks like a bug in Doomsday's map hack emulation. To explain briefly, when DOOM's original software renderer encountered missing textures, it caused certain accidental special effects to occur. However, when rendering the maps with actual 3D polygons one has to detect these special cases and emulate the intended effect.

    There has been some regressions in this area of Doomsday in recent years.

    Here is another bug report about deep water from the same TNT map02:
  • edited 2017 Sep 12
    I just checked TNT Evilution MAP02 myself and can confirm the bug. The visual glitch occurs regardless of using hires textures or not. It either blocks your view or lets you see through walls depending on your viewing position and angle.

    View to the left

    View from the courtyard

    View from the ledge on the right

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